Best apps for photo editing on the cellphone

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You may have noticed that we love photo editing applications, right? Before posting the photos on the blog, from time to time we like modify contrast, exposure and put a filter that can enhance the photograph that we are going to publish. For this, there are photo applications that are our favorites.

While some apps are aimed to changing body parts, such as fading blackheads or pimples, there are other apps that focus on providing different presets, then a picture looks more beautiful according to the personal taste of the person.

That’s why we decided to list here some of our favorites photo editing apps, so you can get to know them a little bit better, look at the cool features they have and try them out. Most of the apps listed below are free, take to the mobile and easy to tinker.

1- VSCO Cam

This is one of the most popular photo editing applications for Instagram users. Available for iOS and Android, VSCO Cam has existed since 2011 and undergoes constant updates that result in a significant improvement of the app.

Currently, there are almost 20 free filters – app creators call presets filters – that are used to modify shades of different contexts in your photos: beaches, waterfalls, closed environment, nightlife… Anyway, just test all the filters and see which combines more with your photo. There is still the possibility of varying the filter intensity chosen from 0 to +12.

VSCO Cam also stands out as a photo application because it has several other editing options. With it, you can manually manipulate features such as exposure, contrast, sharpness, shadows, highlights, saturation, temperature, graininess and so on. This is a very complete app that every update comes up with more news.

All the benefits mentioned here are for users who want to take advantage of all the free options offered by VSCO Cam, but anyone who wants to enjoy everything the app can offer needs to pay for it. The app has a store where you can download other filters.

In addition, the application offers the possibility of signing in VSCO CamX, which has more than 100 filters, video editing, and other more advanced features. The app still provides a free seven-day experience to use.

To gain access to VSCOX features, you must open the VSCO Cam application, select the “store” option, and begin the free 7-day trial. After this deadline, you automatically pay a value per year to continue using the application. If you do not wish to pay this amount, you must cancel the subscription before the deadline expires.

Therefore, we conclude that VSCO Cam is a great photo editing application because, in addition to being light on the mobile phone, it also caters to the main demands of people looking to have a well-edited photo. We advise that it is very worth downloading and testing the different functions that it can offer.

2- Lightroom

Anyone who enjoys photography for a long time has certainly heard of Lightroom. Widely used by professional photographers, Lightroom first came out as a computer photo editing program and later was also included in the mobile version.

The free app is part of the Adobe package and can be found on both iOS and Android through the Adobe Lightroom CC name. Because it is a more professional application, the features available for photo editing are very advanced, making the app heavier for those who do not have enough memory on the phone.

Lightroom stands out for offering different benefits that most common photo editing apps don’t have, such as the ability to adjust color curves. Besides that, it also has the features most sought after by users in general, providing adjustment in other features of photographs such as exposure and contrast.

In addition, Lightroom has a tab for “Premium Features”, in which it offers different functionalities for those who subscribe to the paid subscription. With the premium subscription, you can correct and adjust the perspective of the image, select the selective brush to modify only the part chosen in the photo, add 100GB of storage and select the recovery brush to remove what you want from the image.

For those who want to do just the basics in the photos, Lightroom may not be the best choice, since it is an editing application more complex than the others. On the other hand, if you have a powerful mobile phone and want to venture into this world of photo editing, then it may be a good idea to download Lightroom since it will satisfy all your needs and you certainly will not need to download another application for editing of pictures.

3- Snapseed

Although not as well known as the other apps on this list, Snapseed has some cool resources related to a photo editing application. Also, it is 100% free and can be found on iOS and Android.

Snapseed looks simple and easy to move. It has eleven presets available in the “Appearances” tab so you can apply directly to your photos, but we confess that we do not find the filters that good.

The application defaults are out of date for VSCO Cam, for example, and refer back to that time when we used Photoscape on the computer to leave our saturated photos and our faces with doll skin. Anyway, we consider the filters a little tacky, so they definitely are not the strong point of the application.

The positive side of Snapseed is undoubtedly the huge amount of tools to edit the photos. There are more than 25 options to leave your photo the way you want. Among them, there is the possibility of making adjustments to color curves and white balance, as well as selecting the area you want to focus on and making corrections to certain parts of the photo.

A very different option that the application has is the opportunity to tinker even at pupil size and smile on the photo! Pretty crazy, right? And if you do it subtly, you can be sure that no one will notice.

We quote here only a few benefits options that Snapseed provides, but there are other equally interesting options that can be found in the application. Besides, it is super lightweight and usually does not crash when being loaded on the phone, unlike many other photo editing applications.

Remembering that if you decide to download it, you should keep in mind that, unfortunately, it is not as good at the available presets as in the settings. After all, you can not always have everything.

4- Facetune

Unlike the other apps mentioned so far, Facetune is not free and is only available for iOS phones. Created in 2013 by the developer company Lightricks, the app has achieved tremendous popularity, but what, in fact, justifies such fame of this app?

Facetune is widely used by digital influencer worldwide, especially bloggers, and it’s not at all difficult to find a number of tutorials on YouTube that teach the tricks made possible by this application. Even if it is paid, Facetune is not that expensive and can be paid through the App Store.

Considered a great portable alternative to Photoshop, Facetune’s great differential is the possibility to make edits practically flawless as if it were professional software, but in a very easy-to-move program – because it is quite intuitive – and with a simple interface.

As the name itself says, Facetune is mainly aimed at making adjustments to the face area. These adjustments are varied and allow the user to leave whiter teeth, eliminate wrinkles on the face, remove pimples and scars, tune the nose, in short, the options are diverse and infinite for those who have imagination. And best of all is that the modifications in the app are so very subtle and hardly anyone will notice the adjustment without you talking about it.

Facetune also lets you add filters and frames to your photos, but these options are definitely not the true strength of this application.

For those who own the iOS system in the cell phone and are addicted to posting photos on Instagram, Facetune proves to be a practically indispensable photo editing application. Easy to use and with very satisfactory results, the app is super light and does not disappoint.

5- Photoshop Fix

Did you saw the previous item and fell in love with Facetune, but don’t have an iPhone or iPad, then you can not download the app? Calm down that not everything is lost. Photoshop Fix is ​​a great competitor to Facetune and exists in both Google Play and the App Store. To get even better: it’s still free!

First of all, so you do not create so many expectations when downloading this application for photo editing, keep in mind that it does almost everything that Facetune proposes to do, but still can not, in fact, overcome it. However, Photoshop Fix is ​​an excellent alternative for those who do not want to pay for Facetune or do not have the iOS system on the mobile phone.

It is important to note that Photoshop Fix is ​​quite different from Photoshop that a lot of people have on the computer and do not live without. The app is more for making punctual fixes in the photo and not to completely modify it, so there aren’t filters available on it.

With this app, you can use the simple features that other apps have: exposure adjustment, contrast, saturation, shadows, and highlights.

You can also make retouching in the image, such as removing smudges, smoothing or highlighting parts of the picture, distorting any component of the image, removing red-eye. Anyway, it is a very complete photo editing application for the specific adjustments of the photo.

One of the cool and different features of Photoshop Fix is ​​the “Face” suboption that is inside the “Dissolve” option in the app. In this function, there is the possibility to increase or decrease the lips, change the width of the mouth and nose, move the jaw and chin dimensions and even leave your eyes in the format you prefer by adjusting the size, height, and width of them. That is, you can waste a lot of time playing around transforming your face in Photoshop Fix.

So this photo editing application is not far behind Facetune. The Photoshop Fix interface is one of the most beautiful in this category, as well as being very easy to use and intuitive as the competitor Facetune. As part of the Adobe package, you need to register with your Adobe Creative Cloud account before you can start using the application. After that, you can enjoy all the features of Photoshop Fix for free. Pretty cool, huh? So go try because this app is approved!


Now you know that there are several good and useful photo editing applications on the market, each with its own specialties. Remembering that apps were not listed in order of quality, okay?

As you can see, all the apps listed here have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to the user to identify those that are worth downloading and keeping on the phone. Either way, it’s always interesting to try out each one of them and decide what suits you best, because your appreciation (or not) of the app will depend a lot on your preferences when editing a photo.

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